Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping, is something I heard about years ago from my aunt, who was a practitioner long before tapping became more well-known. To be honest, we all thought she was a little nuts. During the first session I had with her I couldn’t stop laughing, thinking it was all a load of rubbish if I’m being honest. I had a second session about a year later and decided to take it seriously, and had surprising and quick results. I realised it did something but at that stage in my life I wasn’t interested enough in looking beyond the physical senses.

Years later that has completely changed and I’ve found myself being guided back to EFT a few times. It’s not something I use daily, but has become a really useful tool for some specific issues. I’ve used it in particular to help around over eating, letting go of anxiety, forgiveness and also dealing with physical pain.

It works by helping you to overcome the negative beliefs and emotions that underlie physical and emotional pain. We aren’t even aware of these half the time, so it can bring up some surprisingly strong emotions. I’ve often found myself overwhelmed with emotions that pop up out of the blue when I start tapping – but the beauty of it is how quickly you transform these emotions and beliefs, replacing them with positive ones.

The video below is a general explanation of how it works, but there are plenty of videos for more specific issues, and in the end you are able to find your own words/routines for your particular situation. But I’ve definitely found it helpful following a guided session, particularly to start with. There are many people doing EFT, and often in slightly different ways – I particularly love Julie Schiffman (below), but there is no one right way to do it.