Energy Medicine

Everything is Energy!

Energy is all there is, and when you understand this then you can see how something like energy medicine can work in a very real way. It works with your body’s different energy systems, including the chakras, meridians and the aura.

Through simple movements and holding/tapping points on the body, you can help the energy flow more easily, which supports emotional and physical symptoms in the body. After a few weeks of doing exercises on a daily basis I was able to feel the energy flow much more easily and would notice a difference in how my body felt after doing them.

Donna Eden is perhaps the best known teacher in this area and I did an online course a few years ago to get a deeper understanding of how it works and how to use the exercises on myself. She is a really lovely woman and although sometimes it can be hard on video to see exactly what some of the movements are, just remember you don’t have to do it exactly, the body knows intuitively what to do. As usual there is plenty on YouTube to give you ideas, but the best thing to start with is her Daily Energy Routine – see below. It literally takes a few minutes a day.