Essential Oils

Nature’s Gifts

In my search to find other methods to support clients, I became more and more interested in essential oils. This wasn’t new to me as a nutritional therapist, as their benefits for gastrointestinal and immune health are widely known. However, until I started using them myself I had no idea how powerful they are for emotional and spiritual health.

Deep down I’ve always felt that nature, in its purest form, has all the answers to our health problems, without the need for too much human interference. I feel essential oils are nature’s gift to us, providing us with a beautifully intoxicating system that works without the multitude of dangerous side effects of modern medicines.

I personally use DoTerra Essential Oils – I did my research and I like the fact they are independently tested for their purity. So many essential oils have God knows what in them, so even if they are cheap, there is very little active ingredient in them. If you want the oils to work therapeutically then I figure it’s worth paying for pure oils.

However, there are drawbacks to DoTerra – the cost being one of them. Also, they work as a multi level marketing company and I’m not a fan of that model. Although I use their oils and would say that if you want the best oils, at least in the UK, then they are a great option, I don’t work as a DoTerra salesperson and don’t sign up people. Norfolk Essential Oils are another option for people if DoTerra is too pricey.