Food Intolerance Testing

I use York Food Intolerance Tests which look at the antibody levels for over 130 foods. IgG Food Intolerance Testing is a well established way of investigating a wide range of symptoms (see below) as well as being incredibly useful for diagnosed conditions such as Hashimotos thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus…. the list goes on. The test measures your antibody response to a broad variety of foods and gives an indicator as to how much of a reaction you are having.

Approximately 70% of our immune system is in our gut, so this is why immune reactions to certain foods can effect the whole body. You may not even notice any gut related symptoms at all! I incorporate the results of your test into a broader, personalised support plan, as it provides a fantastic framework to work from and helps people stay motivated towards making the changes.

It’s important to note here that the foods do not have to be reduced/removed for life! When you remove/reduce trigger foods for long enough (and this time will vary from person to person), it allows healing to take place and at some point the foods can be reintroduced. By this time, your diet and health should be in a totally different state, so the body doesn’t over react to foods – often though, people find that although they reintroduce some foods, there are others that they feel better off keeping to a minimum.

£200 for Test plus Consultation

Alternatively if you’d like the test alone this is currently on special offer for £120 (usual cost £140).

The best way to maximise using the tests is to book a consultation as well as a follow up for 6-8 weeks down the line. I’m currently doing this for £250.

I saw Olivia for IBS symptoms and did the Food Intolerance test, out of interest and also with my gut-related problems in mind. Following the results I made various changes to my diet and as a result was far less prone to IBS-type attacks, but was still having a bit of a morning energy dip. Most of my days start with porridge, and I realised I’d been in denial about oats, which had come up on the test. I knew there were alternatives but I couldn’t believe they would really make such a difference.

And then one day I tried! I substituted buckwheat and quinoa flakes for oats and since then I haven’t looked back. Why??? Because I feel completely different! Because I honestly haven’t experienced that energy dip since, nor the dragging down feeling in my stomach. It’s been a dramatic change for me and makes me feel so good all morning that I know I’ll also try to take on board 100% the other ‘red flags’ even though one of them is…cashews!!” R.S