My Journey

Nutrition has always been an important part of my life, but for the first 30 years or so my relationship with food was fairly up and down. When I trained at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London this not only gave me a fantastic grounding in the science of nutrition, but also being a naturopathic course it opened up my eyes to broader concepts, which fit well with my own personal philosophy.

From around the age of 15, I became aware that life has more to it than I’d previously been told. I began to experience things beyond my 5 senses. As it is for many people, this has been a steady process over the years rather than a moment of realisation. Around 10 years ago I started to actively feel energy, firstly in my chakras and then running through my lower limbs and into the earth. It got so strong at times that for a while I thought there must be some problem with the electricity in the flat! As I learned more around nutrition I also started to notice that certain foods would increase this sensation, or would lead to a sudden release of energy – sometimes in the form of emotional release! Conversely, I’d find that low vibrational foods would dull these sensations.

It’s been clear to me for a few years that part of my life’s journey involves teaching people about nutrition from an energetic and vibrational perspective. Food is a very powerful way of raising your vibration and essentially becoming more enlightened, as foods in their natural and unpolluted form, are light energy themselves. They each hold their own specific frequency, and we have much to learn from the messages they provide. For a little more information on this read more….

Since starting on my own journey as a naturopathic nutritionist, I’ve come across the work of Magenta Pixie and her book “Lessons from a Living Lemuria”. This incredible book confirmed many of the messages I’d been receiving, as well as providing me with a much broader understanding of the role of nutrition in the ascension process. I also incorporate the work of Anthony William, the Medical Medium, into my practice – his insights invaluable.