Lightwork Nutrition

Food and Vibration

Whilst I’ve always loved science and I’m very glad to have had a proper training in nutritional science, I’ve also never felt the need to let science limit my understanding of the world, or about food, or myself for that matter.

The basis for the way I view food is the understanding that we are energetic beings and that separation is an illusion – whether this is separation from other humans, from nature and ultimately separation from Source Energy. The same can be said for the foods we eat and the water we drink. There is no separation between ourselves and the foods we eat – we are all part of Source Energy.

When we eat foods of high vibration (those closest to nature) then we take on the light energy of these foods, building our light bodies. At the same time, our energy fields, based on our thoughts and emotions, affect the foods we are eating. This can be seen as part of the co-creative experience of the Universe. Once we have a conscious awareness of the bonding, or merging, between our energy field and that of the high vibrational foods we eat, we can use this to direct the energy of the food/Source/Light to our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual desires. For example, you can simply sit in the frequency of gratitude (which is the frequency of allowing) and let the light energy of the food to flood your own energy field, raising your vibration. Or you can make this more specific and thank the food for bringing a certain frequency to your body – e.g. feeling gratitude for the peace, health and vitality flowing from the food into your own energy field. The same can be said for the water we drink, and in fact this is even more so as pure water holds a huge amount of light.

Once you feel this on a deep level, you realise you can build a very personal bond with the food and water you consume – this may sound strange to start with, but when you think about it, most people do have some form of relationship with food and a lot of the time it’s an unhealthy, or love/hate, relationship. And just like any other difficult relationship, this is ultimately a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves – as we all come from the same Source. Feeling love for the food we eat is feeling love for Source, which ultimately is love for self.