I am currently offering £20 off Monthly Coaching (excluding weight loss appointments as these are always at a reduced rate).

I’ve put a summary of the information here but do click on the links for more info on each type of consultation.

Standard Consultations:

For those who prefer to take the information and work on it yourself for 4-6 weeks at a time.

Initial Consultation £95 – includes a 60-75 minute consultation and a Personal Support Plan with the first key changes for you to work on.

Follow ups £70 – to review how you are doing, and to discuss the next steps which I will then email on to you in an updated Support Plan.

If you sign up to a follow-up straight away then it’s half price – so the total cost would be £130 (payable in total after the first session) – I find this usually helps people stick to the changes if they know they have already booked in their follow-up!

Monthly Coaching

This requires an Initial Consultation for £95

Now only £65 per month – or £270 for the Initial Consultation plus 3 months of coaching.

Weight Management Appointments – These are for people who do not have complex or underlying health problems and are looking for support with weight loss or weight gain only.

Initial Consultation £70

Monthly Follow ups £40

I also offer Monthly Coaching for weight management clients too at £40 per month or £100 for 3 months (plus cost of the initial consultation). This allows us to keep in contact on a regular basis via WhatsApp or email/text and have a quick 15 minute call each week to check in. I’ve found this method to be particularly helpful for clients for the first few months.

Food Intolerance Packages – Current Special Offer £300

Please note this is under review on an ongoing basis as it is reliant on the lab staying open.

This Includes:

  • Food Intolerance Test – IgG testing for over 130 foods (usual cost £222)
  • Initial Consultation
  • 1 x Follow Up