Standard Consultations

I offer standard consultations with follow-up appointments for those of you who prefer to work through the plan on your own.

Please contact me to arrange an initial consultation, prior to which I will ask you to complete a 3 day food diary and a detailed health questionnaire. The consultation lasts around an hour and are currently only possible via Skype or phone.

Part of the consultation involves working out how much you can take on during the following weeks. Although people often want to be given all the information to go away with, usually it’s best to work on a few key points before coming for a follow-up, otherwise it can be too overwhelming.

Follow-up appointments are usually 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation, but this is totally up to you. The number of follow-ups needed will also vary according to each person.

Initial Consultation £95

Follow-Ups £70

If you sign up for a follow up straight away then it’s half the price for the first follow up – so a total of £130 (payable after the first appointment). I find this usually helps people stick to the changes if they know they have already booked in their follow-up!