Weight Management

Weight management can be a tricky business. Most of the time this involves people wanting to lose weight, but not always, and gaining weight for some people can be surprisingly challenging. So I want to emphasize that I don’t just work with weight loss.

The reason I became interested in nutrition was due to a life long weight problem, that at times completely took over my life. I only add this here because it can be hard for others to understand the struggle that people go through, or they mistake it for being a minor factor in someone’s life when actually it can feel like the most important thing for many.

It took me many years of low calorie, low fat starvation diets to realise that ultimately if you don’t put health and nutrition first, the weight never goes for more than a few weeks or months at a time. It’s almost impossible to sustain diets that starve the body of what it needs – so it’s nothing to do with lack of will power. I know of no other people who have more will power than those who go on 100’s of diets over their lifetime, and still don’t give up.

So I steer clear of any points/calorie counting system. Instead, I have different options for people, ranging from quite structured plans that some people like to use to start with, to options that look at following key principles and allow you to structure your meals/snacks yourself. I also support people in using Anthony William’s 28 Day Cleanse, Liver Detox Morning, or the 3:6:9 Liver Detox which can be a great thing to do at the start of a weight loss program.

What I’ve found since working with food in a more explicitly vibrational way is that as you increase the amount of light in your diet, your body reflects this with so much less effort that you’d find with the usual weight loss diets. Weight loss becomes a side effect of building your own light body.

Initial Consultation £70

Follow-Ups £40

I also do Monthly Coaching for weight management clients too at £40 per month or £100 for 3 months (plus cost of the initial consultation). This allows us to keep in contact on a regular basis via WhatsApp or email/text and have a quick 15 minute call each week to check in. I’ve found this method to be particularly helpful for clients for the first few months.

If you are interested in making an appointment then do contact me. I’d be more than happy to discuss with you before you book anything.